Pipeline ROI Websites

At the Pipeline ROI design agency I was the Web Design Project Manager and had a team of 6 designers. As lead web designer and front-end developer, I helped design and code 100's of real estate websites, by creating standardized templates, then customizing and personalizing them depending on the companies needs. Below are some of the templates that I made using the Bootstrap Framework, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.


Helping launch the Appraisal Scrum Team

Our parent company, known for making incredible appraisal software, was looking to revamp their websites in 2015-2016 and noticed how successful and flexible our starting layouts were so their Scrum Master came to me asking if we could design some layouts for them as well. They would need to be a modern and clean design that fits well with the housing industry (like we were used to), but easy to build into the new CMS they were working on so that Appraisers with a website could get one of these layouts with minimal effort.  

I spoke with our agent/appraisal clients who had both an types of sites and came up with 4 layouts, 2 of which are below. My 4 layouts were chosen by the Appraisal Scrum team to put into production and they have since then incorporated theses designs into their product for their appraisal clients. I really enjoyed getting to work on that project alongside my normal tasks.