Travel On Fire Website

Travel on Fire is my own personal project aimed at curating a site with the best travel and adventure related content from across the web. My target audience would be travelers who are either adventure junkies or very unconventional in their choice of trips. I didn't want this site to be a place for cruises and all-inclusive resorts, but definitely a spot for trips that include surfing, mountain climbing, and the best places to stay in exotic locations like Bali. 

Strategy + Goals

What does a user expect to be able to do with this website? Well, according to Consumer Reports, Americans alone spend more than $550 billion dollars a year on travel. So even though I have a targeted audience, I want to make sure the site covers a range of goals including:

  1. Find affordable travel, lodging + gear
  2. Get awesome trip ideas
  3. Stay healthy while traveling 

Information Architecture

Since I would include trips from around the world, I would need to experiment with the best ways to organize this information and structure the site. The Information Architecture would need to be spot on otherwise a user could get lost and quickly. Currently I'm aiming at having a right hand side pop out menu for all the available trip information (organized by continent, then country, then areas, etc) and a menu below the hero image for ideas, transportation, gear, health, etc. So far I've created a couple different versions with a similar style. While the design is still being worked on, I knew that I wanted to try and mimic a travel magazine style on the site. The design on a tablet would be very similar to the desktop structure and design. This site is still in development, but you can find the Travel On Fire Pinterest account online. Eventually I hope to design and build a TOF app as well.